Prominy V-METAL key switch list

Prominy V-METAL is a guitar sound source that covers a great number of playing techniques. Therefore, the select key is enormous. Please refer to the following list of select keys.

List of key switches

Play key

B0 frequency modulation
F0 Pick stop noise & finger release noise
F#0 Grease down
G0 Fret noise & position change noise
A0 Bridge mute noise
A#0 Repeat key

Select key

E0 power chord
D#0 sus4
D0 add9
C#0 picking tremolo
C0 octave
B-1 trill (whole step)
A#-1 trill (half step)
A-1 6th-dyad chord
G#-1 #5th-dyad chord
G-1 5th-dyad chord
F#-1 flat 5th-dyad chord
F-1 4th-dyad chord
E-1 major- 3rd-dyad chord
D#-1 minor 3rd-dyad chord
D-1 single note no legato
C#-1 single note
C-1 single note
B-2 unison bend
A#-2 double bend
A-2 other chords (‘Rush chords’)
G#-2 major 3rd vibrato
G-2 natural harmonics
F#-2 FX1 scrape, slides, noises
F-2 FX2 whammy bar
E-2 FX3 whammy bar
D#-2 FX4 whammy bar

String select key

A#5 1st
A5 2nd
G#5 3rd
G5 4th
F#5 5th
F5 6th

Prominy V-METAL is a wonderful sound source that can express a great deal of play, and if you make full use of these, you can express it as realistic as the performance you are playing. Please master it and make a wonderful sound source!



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