[2019] Content to be entered in meta description [SEO]

I think that the content of “meta description” was generally recognized as an item to be entered in order to be displayed at the top by search engines.
From 2017 onwards, the role of “meta description” is not recognized as being input for display at the top, but the recognition of “items for entering information on search result snippets” is considered correct.

What to enter in meta description

Search result snippets are obtained from the following two locations.

  1. Page content
  2. Meta description

For pages that contain only images and little text, the text information displayed in the snippet is limited, so it is necessary to obtain information from the “meta description”.

The content of the [Google Webmaster Central Blog].

Remember to make sure that both your desktop and your mobile pages include both a title and a meta description.

From:Better Snippets for your Users

For this reason, it is better to consider the meta description to be required.