[Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags] Error handling [WordPress plugin]

This section explains how to deal with errors in WordPres plug-in “Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags“.


Error: Facebook Open Graph Tags cache NOT updated/purged.
Facebook returned: (#100) Must have a valid access token or a valid url_hmac


Cause of the error

The cause of the error is not due to the plug-in update, but is due to a change in the specifications on Facebook.

Facebook stopped accepting non-authenticated calls to the clear cache URL.

How to deal

The developer explains how to deal with it in the support forum.

Create Facebook app ID

Create a Facebook App ID on the Facebook for Developer page below. If you have already created, the created app ID will be displayed on the following page.


Copy app ID and app secret

Make a copy of “App ID” and “app secret”. Each item can be confirmed by “Dashboard”-> “Settings”-> “Basic”.

Edit functions.php

Add the code to “functions.php” in the theme file.


//Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags
add_filter( 'fb_og_update_cache_url', 'my_fb_og_update_cache_url' );
function my_fb_og_update_cache_url( $url ) {
$url .= '&access_token=[app ID]|[app secret]';
return $url;

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